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Saturday, July 18, 2009

There startin to think smart is cool Lu, DUMB IT DOWN.

As an earlier post stated, Lupe Fiasco's first single "Shining Down" of his new album "L.A.S.E.R.S." was leaked, well now its available on itunes so go check that out. But besides that point, i don't discriminate against any type of music but i am a huge fan of lyricism mainly found in Hip Hop. I was beginning to hear the flat line of the lyricist heartbeat as the same 4 or 5 songs were played on the radio repeatedly and talking about nothing more than physical relationships and material things. That's all good, but being a true music fan I've hea rd a lot of great things in Hip Hop by great artists over the years and sometimes the radio doesn't cut it. To bring it back, Lupe's new single can be heard and for the most part receive a pretty general and understanding view on the subject matter, but who knew that if you really listen to the lyrics or even read them, that there are references and meanings that one would have never thought of. One would say it can be a riddle. Some would ignore this fact claiming that his rhymes are "too complicated" and "a waste of time" but depending who you are, his lyrics amongst those of other artists is whats keeping Hip Hop alive. The whole inspiration for this post was the breakdown of the song "Shining Down" found on a blog that made this subject matter post-worthy. Check this out if you want to know what i speak of http://sketchesofmysoul.blogspot.com/2009/07/lupe-fiasco-shining-down-breakdown-you.html. In the spirit of Nas, Common, Jay-Z(Just to name the most current and popular) and every other lyricist out there, lets start a new trend that has somewhat died off: Lyricism. Get it? Got it? Fresh. =)

"Not a facade cherisher, I’d rather have the scars I don’t idolize America, I’m dancing with the stars"