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Friday, July 10, 2009

Kicks over heels in love...

Now i think its time to address the "kicks" and "sneaker" obsession present in today's generation and culture. There seems to be some sort of misconception when it comes to kicks because people start to think that they are only for the young male...? Nay guy. I think not. I am speaking for every female who is a certified sneaker head. Since we are women we are supposed to prance around in heels all the time? No. I am a big fan of Nike, Alife, Adidas, Supras, Reeboks, and many other sneaker brands that are out there in the world. I will say that i will occasionally fall in love with some new heels that just hit the market, but i am forever a sneaker head...sometimes with no sneaker bread but ifs there a will there's a way. And i don't think its being "less of a woman," "unladylike," or "tomboyish," i feel it is simply an element of style that some females can work with and others feel obligated to rebel against. and by all means there is no problem with that, i just feel like us "kicks over heels" females don't get as much recognition as the mainstream model or "glamour girl." its time for a change! Lets start the movement! Ladylike sneaker heads unite! LOL.

*makes me want some SB Dunks just thinking about it. *

*BUT can i get it one time for this still image of the "Knock You Down"-(Keri Hilson Feat. Ne-yo and Kanye West) Video. This is beautiful. Both pairs...i would rock. Amen.*