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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Now...we all remember the sane B. Spears from "back in the day" and if you knew anything about her, you knew this song if not you had definitely heard it before. "Slave 4 U" is one of her most famous songs, but what some people don't know is, this beat was sampled from a female group of the 80s, Vanity 6. The sample comes from their song "Nasty Girl*." Take a listen to "Slave 4 U" and then go and listen to "Nasty Girl" either way, it doesn't matter but you will definitely see a similarity in the beat. And don't think it stops there, there is some major homage being paid to Vanity 6. You can listen to "Glamour Girl" by Electrik red and then listen to "Make-Up*" by Vanity 6 and you will hear the similarities in the beats and later on in the lyrics.

Vanity 6-"Blush, eyeliner, hush see what you made me do? Face, Mascara, Erase i wanna look good for you"
Electrik Red-"Make-Up, make-up, lip-stick, mascara, i wanna look good for you"

Its everywhere! Things are being used from the past and its everywhere, but would we ever know if we never go back and pay homage to the originals?

*Due to certain copyright circumstances the songs by Vanity 6 were not able to be obtained on the Internet through youtube or host/mp3 sites.