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Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Futha who?

Now...as some people know i am a music head, so sometimes i go on random searches and YouTube/google rants and journeys for new/unrecognized talent. I stumbled across a group named The Futhamuckas...*i know right*. Before listening to their music i noticed their outrageously cool-stupid fresh-dope-make you do a double take-style. That alone was enough for me to give them a listen, and after my ears agreed with what they were being given, i was in love. These guys are NOT your regular group of people in music but in life in general. There music cannot be described in one word but some of the words that come to mind are: electronic, random, headbangin, hip hop, rockin, techno, funny, did he just say that? J2z, Baga, and Little Brother bring to us their EP "The Futhamuckas" and i will tell you if you are in the mood for a good time, and something definitely different from the radio and any other music, give it a listen. They say they are party boys and that is most definitely evident in there music with there heart racing,neck breaking,vibe certified beats, interestingly indescribable lyrics,and flare! Don't be fooled, they have swag...and its safe to say they have more than some. Take a listen and go buy the album..that is if they were selling it. This EP is available free on http://thefuthamuckas.com/ so go take a listen and tell them and i what you think!! I know that ive only been listening for a few minutes, but from the first listen, i am a fan.


Anonymous said...

after listening 2 about....2 1/2 songs....im already a fan. thanks 4 the tip sai this group is BOMB and different. Cuz i am low key tired of that same old stuff on the raido.

Sai said...

Very very welcome =)