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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Just when ya thought it couldnt get flyer than a gold iphone case...

A Bathing Ape...and hygiene production company TePe...collaborated and came out with a toothbrush. Now if you're like me, your initial reaction was an eye squint and head tilt, but when i thought about, its actually very creative and interesting. Who knew!? And the fact that one of these toothbrushes featured is made of 24K gold doesn't hurt either...well all i have to say is that this adds to what some rappers can brag about in their lyrics . Next on the swag checklist: Bathing Ape Toothbrush. Yes? No?...and here i was thinkin i was ballin out of control wit my Crest toothbrush. Its always somethin' lol. Cant knock the hustle if its workin' though...

"Hopped up out the bed turn my swag on got my toothpaste and my Bathing Ape toothbrush yeahhh brushin
my teeth with moneyyy oohhh."

*JTTW...i can see it now.*


Okay now as you know the BET awards were on Sunday night, and although the night was filled with many Michael Jackson t-shirts and outfits, one person who stood out to me as he got on stage was...the infamous Lil' Wayne. Now as soon as he hit the stage i saw Timberland Boots!! Or some may know them as "Tims/Timbs". A friend and i discussed this because this was a deep fashion statement of the 90's and somewhat died off with the emergence and obsession with "Kicks", and with Lil' Wayne wearing them, I'm curious as to see who will be wearing them next...hmm..

Saturday, June 27, 2009

We are not losers, we are L.a.s.e.r.s.

So Lupe dropped the viral ad for his new album, and i can clearly say, new campaign. Listen carefully to what these people are saying because this is not only a dope video...its a movement. Up to you if you want to join. Hit up http//wearenotlosers.com/ for more info. FNF UP!(Ive always wanted to do that on a blog somewhere lol)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

For as long...

For as long as i live, i never want to hear anyone say again(after Usher,Chris Brown Omarion, etc) "He is the next Michael Jackson" because that will never be true. I think the saying "never say never" deserves an exception in this case. Michael Jackson passed away today, 6/25/09 at the UCLA hospital, at the age of 50, and he will forever be remembered. But as most times with deaths of celebrities who have had "problems" you have that fair share of people on the sideline who dwell more on those problems than the actual successes. Not to advocate for what he did or didn't do, i believe that we should remember him for his music, hard work, triumph, and over all megastardome. With albums such as Off The Wall, Thriller, Bad, Dangerous, HIStory, Invincible, and the list goes on, he is accredited for more than just "singing." We can give him credit for paving the way for SO many of the artists out today, from the lyrics they sing, samples they use, or the steps they dance, Michael Jackson is accredited for so much of it, and the fact that he is definitely one of the greatest performers of our time doesn't hurt either. I know others who are older than me can remember dancing to his music playing on the record player and now to my generation who have him on our ipods and online playlists. I know i can remember my first time seeing the thriller video at the age of about 3 or 4, and i was scared out of my life, but as i grew up and listened to him more and more, like most people i fell in love with the music. From the Jackson 5 to The Wiz from records to tapes to ipods to YouTube videos Michael Jackson you will always be remembered. God Bless you and your family. R.I.P.

Reality Really Entertaining? its okay...your not the only one

OKAY. So there has been a sudden emergence in reality TV correct? I will say some of these shows are kinda..."What's the point? i haven't laughed in the past 45 minutes" BUT i will also say i follow them too =(. I don't know what it is...is it...the stupidity? the "this is so stupid but i cant turn away" factor? I think so. But no matter who you are, if you watch TV or even keep up with the vast world of entertainment, you have AT LEAST thought about watching a reality TV show. I mean come on: Real World(too many seasons to be specific), Real World/ Road Rules Challenge, Runs House, Flavor of Love, I love New York, Real Chance of Love, Daisy of Love, For the Love of Ray J, Made, The Hills, College Hill, ANTM, ITS ALL THERE. And I'm an advocate of the "one show watch rule." I will watch one show, 9 times out of 10 the first episode, and if i like it, ill continue to watch the show. But beware, they are easily addicting. So the more you find yourself checking the clock around prime time every night of the week, and then watch and find yourself saying "Is she really doing this? What is her problem? Come on now..." you my friend, are a reality watcher =(. the first step to recovery is to first admit you have a problem and the next step is to become content with yourself(because its not a problem if you dont think it is =]) after watching, because as my friends and i have discovered, the first time you say "You know what show I'm mad that i watch?" your done. Just don't get too crazy with it...and start believing you are in the show...because most of it is scripted anyway. *Recession people, I'm guessing that the cost for a sitcom is more than a reality TV show?*

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


So Kanye West, as most know by now, has his own line of Louis Vuitton shoes coming out soon. Well today the viral ad for his shoe collection dropped and features a song from his most recent album(808s and Heartbreak), "Say You Will." I have no comment on the shoes *very nice very nice Mr. Ye*

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Certified: Dope

Nike Blazer Hi Summer 2009

2times2sday-- Religious Jewelry

Hello everybody in .com land! Today is the first....2times2sday post!

2times2sday is a weekly post(on Tuesday duh lol) that is dedicated to everything being done over again. What i mean by this is that as most people know, many of the movies, music, and fashion that are so called "coming out" now, have been done by the generations before us. So every Tuesday i will blog about something that is making a come back or being used again. For example, RayBan shades(alive in the 50s and 60s, recently made a come back in 2008/09). But it doesn't just involve fashion i might post about a new song that has come out that sampled a song from way back when, and the same goes for movies, or anything else that is resurfacing. This weeks edition is about the religious jewelry. Fashion icons like Madonna and others wore different kinds of religious jewelry and besides the Cross, most of it fashionably died. Welllll, its back again, a number of entertainers have been seen wearing rosaries! Wow.

Before you start thinking you are the first to do something, make sure you check with the years before us first because 9 times out of 10, its already been done...


Now, since this blog is about any and everything, this post is about...Gospel Rap. I am a big fan of gospel rap, I'm a big believer in God, but a lot of people think that the "Spiritual/Inspirtational/GOSPEL" music is a little boring for their taste(I'm not gonna lie, i do lol). But like most things there are alternatives. Gospel rap is one of them. Now if you like T.I., Ludacris, Lil Wayne, Tpain, Common, hip hop/rap artists alike, there is nothing at all wrong with that. If your parents listen to Byron Cage, Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, Israel and the New Breed and Dietrich Haddon( i know a lot of people are like "huh?!, Who?!" but if you heard the songs they sing you would prob know who I'm talking about lol) and it doesn't necessarily get to you, and you believe in God and wouldn't mind listening to gospel music, if it caught your attention and you felt you could relate to it, then do i have the solution for you. =) Gospel Hip hop people! Artist such as Lecrae, Trip Lee, Tedashii, Cross Movement, Theory Hazit and Braille all have the same flow, beats, and swag as mainstream radio artists but just a different message, most of the time. These artists are guaranteed to have your ipod bumpin, have you movin with the music, all while talking about God. So the next time your parents complain about you not having any gospel music on your ipod or whatnot, just pick up a few of these artists' latest projects and that solves many problems. or if you are even looking for a break from all the generic hip hop/rap on the radio and want something that has to do with your faith, check them out. And just a reminder even though most of these artists are Christian, their music doesn't discriminate against other religions and you will most likely be able to identify anyway. God is love. Get it? Got it? Fresh. =)

P.S. If you found this post interesting let me know, and if you want to find out more on gospel hiphop a great website to check out is


Here are some pictures about the new "No H8" Campaign. Me being a marketing/advertising fanatic i found this extremely interesting and...how do i say this...GENIUS!? The first message you get from reading it is, No hate, that's cool. Then if you know about whats going on California about the No on Prop 8 movement(same sex marriage), you start to think "ooohhhh No ON prop 8" I think that this is the best advertising for a prop/movement I've ever seen. i love the way its a quick phrase to remember but at the same time gets to the point of the campaign. Great support is coming from this campaign and its simply...dope.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Louis Vuitton Fall 2009...

Taste of the Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall 2009 Bag collection...I'd definitely rock...with no hesitation. Be on the look out for more posts on style and fashion.
*imma sneaker head so you already know what to expect next time...two!*

Can any body say DOPE?

This video is Certified: Dope! Linkin Park has never disappointed me and as one of the few rock bands i can speak of and say "Man, Hybrid Theory is one of my favorite CD's...when did it come out? Oh in 2000, yeah thats a lil while back," they are still delivering! Video directed by Joe Hahn, and the soundtrack will be available tomorrow(6/23). Transformers 2 comes out on Wednesday to all of the fans out there in .com land i will say the video tech used reminds me alot of Kanye West's video for "Welcome to Heartbreak" check that out too if you have the time. Get it? Got it? Fresh =) Two!


UM...WHAT? Okay...i guess lol. Cant knock the hustle if its workin...*flatline*

I think its time to address...

So...there's been a new switch in men's style right? Ya know the whole skinny jeans phenomenon. my only question is if these jeans are so skinny, then why are they still being sagged? I think that these jeans some dudes are walkin around here with are a little too tight, but that's just me. But i think what really gets me is the fact that they are so tight but still you're putting them under ya butt. Come on! Its not even cute to me really. Fitted jeans are nice, a fitted jean is A-Okay with me , especially with some high top kicks, very cute. But when you have a size zero pant size knowing full on that you're a size 5 or so, and then the nerve to put that on top and then under some boxers? Ew? But maybe its because I'm a girl? Idk. I'm sure some one agrees with me in .com land. But hey! Whatever floats your boat. If Ken Doll jeans and oversize boxers looks on point to you then by all means rock it. Just don't get offended when some one says somethin about you lookin like a thug who switched pants with Pete Wentz, just try and get the sizes right, plz. Thats all im sayin. But im not hatin, get it how ya live. Style is personal. Get it? Got it? Fresh. =)


So Lupe Fiasco's new record with Matthew Santos "Shining Down" was leaked and he was PISSED. Besides the fact that he is one my favorite if not my favorite rap artist and i HAVE all of his CD's(ya know those shiny little discs that they sell in music stores), i think he has every right to be heated. Especially when you go out of your way to make sure no one CAN leak your stuff in your studio...
Someone hacked my email. I was about to fire my entire staff and cut off relationships over shining down leaking last night. Bun B hit me and was like "the records dope" and i was like "what record?" nobody even has it. the only possible explanation is my email chain with the mix studio (which is air tight...the studio that is) was hacked and that's where the record came from.

On a lighter note...I'm very glad to see Lu in the studio again making music because truth be told, i was gettin kinda anxious for that album. on some real Ginuwine "So Anxious" type stuff. BTW Lu's clothing line is out Trilly and Trully hit the link for more info http://trillyandtruly.com/

The most slept on album...so far...

Def Jam's new recording artists Electrik Red recently dropped their freshman album (May 26, kinda late but hey I'm new), How To Be a Lady Vol. 1. This dynamic girl group is by far the most "in your mouth(no pun intended)" and incredible group that MUSIC has seen since, dare i say, TLC. Binkie, Naomi, Leslie and Sarah bring to society a new woman, a woman who is not afraid to tell her man whats on her mind in EVERY aspect of the relationship, make sure her dude is on point, all while taking over the world. This is the most slept on album of the year so far, and i mean this with the utmost seriousness. While they have their fair share of loyal fans, the star quality and "real" factor this album brings should be seen and heard everyday. Each song could double as the theme music for the girl-next-door, to the most notorious female lawyer in the United States. With songs such as "On Point" and "P is for Power," these ladies let men know that they are not to be reckoned with accompanied by a sexy sassy swag. Although the album has its potential club bangers and radio killers, the tempo is balanced out with the slow jam quality of "Devotion" and "Go Shawty," just to name a few, and not to mention the great choice of singles "So good" "Drink in My Cup" "Friend Lover." If you find yourself even beginning to admire, like, love, or even nod your head to any of their singles, do not hesitate to cop the album because you will not be disappointed at all. All four of these women have been back up dancers and video girls for very prestigious names in music and have been video girls, BUT don't let this fool you. they can perform and they can satisfy. For guys who just buy the album for the sensual, sexual lyrics and in hopes of pictures in the booklet, to the girls who buy it because they agree with every word Electrik Red has to say, this album is for any and everyone looking for a good time in their car, computer or ipod.

First of many...

So! here it is. I'm going to tell you why i started this blog in the first place, because i really love alot of things. These things consist of music, shoes, comments, movies, youtube videos, randomness, fashion, and just being informed and anti-ignorant(or at least i try to be) to so many things in the world, and i dont descriminate! Actually, I do, i discriminate against WACK stuff(but for the sake of fairness and anti-ignorance, i will post things about what the people in .com land like, even if it erks me to type the headline lol). BUT if its on point I'm for it. So there it is i guess, be expecting journalism,opinions, and comments on all music in general, clothes, sneakers, stars, the comments made by those stars, but mainly any and everything dope. Get it? Got it? Fresh. =)