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Monday, June 22, 2009

I think its time to address...

So...there's been a new switch in men's style right? Ya know the whole skinny jeans phenomenon. my only question is if these jeans are so skinny, then why are they still being sagged? I think that these jeans some dudes are walkin around here with are a little too tight, but that's just me. But i think what really gets me is the fact that they are so tight but still you're putting them under ya butt. Come on! Its not even cute to me really. Fitted jeans are nice, a fitted jean is A-Okay with me , especially with some high top kicks, very cute. But when you have a size zero pant size knowing full on that you're a size 5 or so, and then the nerve to put that on top and then under some boxers? Ew? But maybe its because I'm a girl? Idk. I'm sure some one agrees with me in .com land. But hey! Whatever floats your boat. If Ken Doll jeans and oversize boxers looks on point to you then by all means rock it. Just don't get offended when some one says somethin about you lookin like a thug who switched pants with Pete Wentz, just try and get the sizes right, plz. Thats all im sayin. But im not hatin, get it how ya live. Style is personal. Get it? Got it? Fresh. =)