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Monday, June 22, 2009

The most slept on album...so far...

Def Jam's new recording artists Electrik Red recently dropped their freshman album (May 26, kinda late but hey I'm new), How To Be a Lady Vol. 1. This dynamic girl group is by far the most "in your mouth(no pun intended)" and incredible group that MUSIC has seen since, dare i say, TLC. Binkie, Naomi, Leslie and Sarah bring to society a new woman, a woman who is not afraid to tell her man whats on her mind in EVERY aspect of the relationship, make sure her dude is on point, all while taking over the world. This is the most slept on album of the year so far, and i mean this with the utmost seriousness. While they have their fair share of loyal fans, the star quality and "real" factor this album brings should be seen and heard everyday. Each song could double as the theme music for the girl-next-door, to the most notorious female lawyer in the United States. With songs such as "On Point" and "P is for Power," these ladies let men know that they are not to be reckoned with accompanied by a sexy sassy swag. Although the album has its potential club bangers and radio killers, the tempo is balanced out with the slow jam quality of "Devotion" and "Go Shawty," just to name a few, and not to mention the great choice of singles "So good" "Drink in My Cup" "Friend Lover." If you find yourself even beginning to admire, like, love, or even nod your head to any of their singles, do not hesitate to cop the album because you will not be disappointed at all. All four of these women have been back up dancers and video girls for very prestigious names in music and have been video girls, BUT don't let this fool you. they can perform and they can satisfy. For guys who just buy the album for the sensual, sexual lyrics and in hopes of pictures in the booklet, to the girls who buy it because they agree with every word Electrik Red has to say, this album is for any and everyone looking for a good time in their car, computer or ipod.


Monique said...

i so agree. dope review. support greatness. swipe the card people!