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Monday, June 22, 2009


So Lupe Fiasco's new record with Matthew Santos "Shining Down" was leaked and he was PISSED. Besides the fact that he is one my favorite if not my favorite rap artist and i HAVE all of his CD's(ya know those shiny little discs that they sell in music stores), i think he has every right to be heated. Especially when you go out of your way to make sure no one CAN leak your stuff in your studio...
Someone hacked my email. I was about to fire my entire staff and cut off relationships over shining down leaking last night. Bun B hit me and was like "the records dope" and i was like "what record?" nobody even has it. the only possible explanation is my email chain with the mix studio (which is air tight...the studio that is) was hacked and that's where the record came from.

On a lighter note...I'm very glad to see Lu in the studio again making music because truth be told, i was gettin kinda anxious for that album. on some real Ginuwine "So Anxious" type stuff. BTW Lu's clothing line is out Trilly and Trully hit the link for more info http://trillyandtruly.com/