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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Just when ya thought it couldnt get flyer than a gold iphone case...

A Bathing Ape...and hygiene production company TePe...collaborated and came out with a toothbrush. Now if you're like me, your initial reaction was an eye squint and head tilt, but when i thought about, its actually very creative and interesting. Who knew!? And the fact that one of these toothbrushes featured is made of 24K gold doesn't hurt either...well all i have to say is that this adds to what some rappers can brag about in their lyrics . Next on the swag checklist: Bathing Ape Toothbrush. Yes? No?...and here i was thinkin i was ballin out of control wit my Crest toothbrush. Its always somethin' lol. Cant knock the hustle if its workin' though...

"Hopped up out the bed turn my swag on got my toothpaste and my Bathing Ape toothbrush yeahhh brushin
my teeth with moneyyy oohhh."

*JTTW...i can see it now.*