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Friday, July 31, 2009

Maybe i am a camera buff??? idk lol

Yes...these are beautiful. Enough Said just look at them.

XV-Everybody's Nobody

So...with the sudden increase in hype with mixtapes...it seems like everybody and everybody's somebody has dropped a mixtape. I do not see a problem with this but i find myself sometimes deleting full mixtapes at a time. There have been a few that have stayed on my computer and stayed in constant rotation on my ipod. "Everybody's Nobody" by artist XV is definitely one of those. I have listened to the whole mixtape a few times now(freshly downloaded a few hours ago) and the constant feeling i get after listening is that "man...this isn't even an album in stores, I've PAID for worse quality music." I cant even really call it a mixtape anymore it is fair to say that this could defenitely be an album! Just when i started to think that rappers stopped caring about quality...

The journey opens up with "Everybody's Nobody" and i have to say it is a GREAT song. its one of those songs you can happily sing along to but still pay attention to the lyrics and actually get something out of it. Now with the rest of the mixtape, the hype and feeling does not stop, it never stops, and after listening to track 4, I'm thinking this whole mixtape has A.D.D! So then i Come Back Down to the sounds of "Mirrors Edge" and I'm still stunned at the lyrical quality not to mention the addicting beat. After that I'm Blinded by "Start A War(ft. Colin Munroe)" simply because the subject matter is one that many people have tackled but not in such a way as XV. Songs like "Live vs Livin(ft. Big Sean)" and "Gobstopper(ft. Wiz Khalifa)" balance out the mixtape with a fast paced vibe and swag filled verses, and Bad News is a wonderful to begin to round up the journey and keep you wanting more, and hopefully we will get more, In Due Time. Now Look, if you are thinking that this review is just a bunch of mess and I'm simply venting on how much i love the mixtape you are partially right, i do love this mixtape but these words i speak are everything but mess! This is only my opinion, and between Me and You, there is alot of hype going on nowadays but this is definitely one you can trust, that is...if you don't like wack verses or played out rhymes, if not then dont be afraid to jump down The Rabbit Hole with this one!

Download here:http://usershare.net/darxkvk2zwz1

G-Shock Crazy Colors

Ive liked the many installations of the G-Shock watch and its no surpise that they come out with more and more but these colors are very nice. this is the G-Shock "Crazy Colors" Collection, and yes the colors are a little crazy but i like.

Rocsi(of 106&Park) speaks out about body image issues

Yesterday, BET's video countdown show, 106 and Park took some time to address the many issues of body image. In the midst of this, host, Rocsi came out about the many body image issues she had as a teenager and some of those that still bother her.

i just wanted to be skinny. That’s all I wanted. And it’s hard even now in this industry. God! We go through so much. All the women in this industry, this is so not us guys. When we wake up in the morning, this is not what you see. And it’s even hard with the blogs, recently I wore my hair in a ponytail and they were talking about my ears. They were like “Keebler Elf” and this that and the other. And you try not to make it hurt, but it hurts and your appearance is everything.
The only reason why I came out. Alot of minority women go through this. I used to think that it was a “white” syndrome. I thought only white people were anorexic or bulimic and I didn’t think that anyone like me or that looked like me would go through this.

I give her the greatest respect for doing this because so many young girls and females alike glorify the image and status that she has a host on 106 and Park, and for her to use that status to tell others about what she went through probably helped alot of people who watched the show. Kudos to you Rocsi! Get it? Got it? Fresh. =)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Eminem...warning?? Uhoh...

...Eminem shoots back at Mariah Carey for her attempted diss in her "Obsessed" video...who knew...it would get this ugly. Wow.

Jeremih is a definite star...

I call it recession proof because since we are in this recession, it wont make you as mad or sad as you usually get watching the typical hiphop/rnb video. Jeremih dropped his new video for his song "Imma Star(Everywhere We Are)" amd when you first look at the title of the song...I'm sure you have an idea of what it will be like: Club scenes, jewelry, poppin' bottles gettin' models and all that wholesome stuff...but...lets take a look at the video shall we? tell me what you think about it. Remember BOB(ballin on a budget)...cant knock it if its workin...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sperry Two-Tone Chukka Boot

Hmmm...i don't knoowww...but for the gentlemen out there...what do you think? Dope or nope? This is the Sperry Two-Tone Chukka Boot...the last of what to expect from Sperry Fall 2009

One again...im no camera buff...

...But...this has an old school type feel that I'm appreciating right now. This is the Lomography LC-A+ 25th Anniversary Camera, its very authentic with the official seal of approval on the back and needless to say the design is somewhat fresh. Pretty cool.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

N.A.S.A. Whoaa..trippy?

N.A.S.A. just dropped the video for "Whachadoin?" featuring M.I.A., Spank Rock, Santogold,& Nick Zinner. This video...is...trippy...but tight. I like the song very catchy and very different from societies airwaves!! lol I give it a few months before the radio plays it out though...


Now...we all remember the sane B. Spears from "back in the day" and if you knew anything about her, you knew this song if not you had definitely heard it before. "Slave 4 U" is one of her most famous songs, but what some people don't know is, this beat was sampled from a female group of the 80s, Vanity 6. The sample comes from their song "Nasty Girl*." Take a listen to "Slave 4 U" and then go and listen to "Nasty Girl" either way, it doesn't matter but you will definitely see a similarity in the beat. And don't think it stops there, there is some major homage being paid to Vanity 6. You can listen to "Glamour Girl" by Electrik red and then listen to "Make-Up*" by Vanity 6 and you will hear the similarities in the beats and later on in the lyrics.

Vanity 6-"Blush, eyeliner, hush see what you made me do? Face, Mascara, Erase i wanna look good for you"
Electrik Red-"Make-Up, make-up, lip-stick, mascara, i wanna look good for you"

Its everywhere! Things are being used from the past and its everywhere, but would we ever know if we never go back and pay homage to the originals?

*Due to certain copyright circumstances the songs by Vanity 6 were not able to be obtained on the Internet through youtube or host/mp3 sites.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Atmos Girls came up...

Now these are different, but fresh. Atmos girls and UBIQ PRESERE came up with a good collaboration, very futuristic but with the metallics and foils mixed with the bright colorway, its still very 80s. a little bit of both never hurt anybody! Get it? Got it? Fresh.

Vans Era "Two-Tone" CA

These look the exact same as the regular two-tones, but these are still fresh. Nice color ways and textures. Dope.

Dream? Retiring? Not you too?!?

Word is...Terius "The Dream" Nash, is planning to retire his solo r&b career. He has had numerous hits such as "Shawty is a 10," "I Luv Ur Girl," "Rockin That Thing," "My Love(ft. Mariah Carey)" and his newest single "Walkin On the Moon(ft. Kanye West)." All of these hits came from two albums, his freshman, "LoveHate" and "Love Vs. Money." He plans to come out with a 3rd final album entitled
"Love King" and gracefully bow out of the music industry.

“I am engaged and ‘Love King’ IS going to be my last album,” It is going to be last because everybody is trying to “KILL THE DREAM!” I will still be producing, writing, and featuring on other artists album though.”

Now i am a HUGE Dream fan, i love all of his music and i think that he is one of the most talented artists in our time, but really? 3 albums? It makes me think of the older days when people had 9 and 10 albums to hold on to. First Jay-Z wants to retire(which we see didn't last long) then Lupe Fiasco is said to be retiring after his 3rd and coming album "L.A.S.E.R.S" and now this? Man, this is sad. But you cant knock the hustle if its working, i hope his engagement goes well and all goes well with him in with producing and writing in the future, but i am interested as to see if he will stay retired..hmmm...

Friday, July 24, 2009

Church League Champs

Pac Div, a hiphop group from California Recently Dropped their EP, Church League Champs. These guys have not disappointed me at all with their recent projects and they are sure to not disappoint this time. Hit up their website http://itspacdiv.com, or the EP website, http://churchleaguechampions.com/, to learn more about this group and download this project. If you have heard of them at all recently then you have probably heard their song "Mayor"(Video above) that is sure to please anyone from Los Angeles, California, or anyone in general. Pac Div has a very cool vibe to them and I'm sure you will catch that vibe in Church League Champs.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

U-N-I Land of the Kings

First and foremost the song is great with great lyrical quality not to mention the addicting beat, but to see this video makes me relieved that such a good song wasn't wasted on a typical hiphop video. U-N-I, a westside hip hop duo, made some noise with their earlier mixtape(Before there was love) and with their most recent, A Love Supreme. This song and video is a project they did in collaboration with Green Label Sounds and Mtv U, and is definitely not your typical rap video. No Gold bottles, stripper poles, Bars, Clubs or overly expensive cars found in this hiphop video! hmm..very interesting. Check out their website http://www.yothurz.com/ for more info on them.

"Welcome to the land of the free im feelin good today by the way how you?"

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Now interestingly enough, this weeks 2times2sday post consists of a...trend in haircuts if you will. the interesting part about it is that it hasnt even been a few months since Cassie first shaved the side of her head, then came Rihanna, and now LaLa and Carmen Electra. This is being done how many times now, i am interested to see who else will make the bold move of shaving off the side of their head. Cassie started it, and now there is some definite biting going on. Hmm...not to mention that the shaving and short haircuts was very much alive in the 80s...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

There startin to think smart is cool Lu, DUMB IT DOWN.

As an earlier post stated, Lupe Fiasco's first single "Shining Down" of his new album "L.A.S.E.R.S." was leaked, well now its available on itunes so go check that out. But besides that point, i don't discriminate against any type of music but i am a huge fan of lyricism mainly found in Hip Hop. I was beginning to hear the flat line of the lyricist heartbeat as the same 4 or 5 songs were played on the radio repeatedly and talking about nothing more than physical relationships and material things. That's all good, but being a true music fan I've hea rd a lot of great things in Hip Hop by great artists over the years and sometimes the radio doesn't cut it. To bring it back, Lupe's new single can be heard and for the most part receive a pretty general and understanding view on the subject matter, but who knew that if you really listen to the lyrics or even read them, that there are references and meanings that one would have never thought of. One would say it can be a riddle. Some would ignore this fact claiming that his rhymes are "too complicated" and "a waste of time" but depending who you are, his lyrics amongst those of other artists is whats keeping Hip Hop alive. The whole inspiration for this post was the breakdown of the song "Shining Down" found on a blog that made this subject matter post-worthy. Check this out if you want to know what i speak of http://sketchesofmysoul.blogspot.com/2009/07/lupe-fiasco-shining-down-breakdown-you.html. In the spirit of Nas, Common, Jay-Z(Just to name the most current and popular) and every other lyricist out there, lets start a new trend that has somewhat died off: Lyricism. Get it? Got it? Fresh. =)

"Not a facade cherisher, I’d rather have the scars I don’t idolize America, I’m dancing with the stars"

Thursday, July 16, 2009

What did we say...what did we say?

What did we say...Tims/Timbs are in the works of coming out with a new line of Work boots with a collaboration with Colette...hmm...Deja Vu...

Look at whats making another comback...

RAY-BAN SHADES!?!..these are some of the sunglasses preparing for takeoff as the Ray-Ban 2009 summer collection...very nice...very nice indeed.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Kicks over heels in love...

Now i think its time to address the "kicks" and "sneaker" obsession present in today's generation and culture. There seems to be some sort of misconception when it comes to kicks because people start to think that they are only for the young male...? Nay guy. I think not. I am speaking for every female who is a certified sneaker head. Since we are women we are supposed to prance around in heels all the time? No. I am a big fan of Nike, Alife, Adidas, Supras, Reeboks, and many other sneaker brands that are out there in the world. I will say that i will occasionally fall in love with some new heels that just hit the market, but i am forever a sneaker head...sometimes with no sneaker bread but ifs there a will there's a way. And i don't think its being "less of a woman," "unladylike," or "tomboyish," i feel it is simply an element of style that some females can work with and others feel obligated to rebel against. and by all means there is no problem with that, i just feel like us "kicks over heels" females don't get as much recognition as the mainstream model or "glamour girl." its time for a change! Lets start the movement! Ladylike sneaker heads unite! LOL.

*makes me want some SB Dunks just thinking about it. *

*BUT can i get it one time for this still image of the "Knock You Down"-(Keri Hilson Feat. Ne-yo and Kanye West) Video. This is beautiful. Both pairs...i would rock. Amen.*

Tours/Shows/Events to look out for...

America's Most Wanted Music Tour-Lil' Wayne/Drake/Young Jeezy/Soulja Boy/word of Jeremih

DWYL(Dont Waste Your Life) Tour- Lecrae/Trip Lee/Tedashii/Sho Baracka/ Flame

Vans Warped Tour '09

AC/DC Black Ice Tour

Blink 182


Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Futha who?

Now...as some people know i am a music head, so sometimes i go on random searches and YouTube/google rants and journeys for new/unrecognized talent. I stumbled across a group named The Futhamuckas...*i know right*. Before listening to their music i noticed their outrageously cool-stupid fresh-dope-make you do a double take-style. That alone was enough for me to give them a listen, and after my ears agreed with what they were being given, i was in love. These guys are NOT your regular group of people in music but in life in general. There music cannot be described in one word but some of the words that come to mind are: electronic, random, headbangin, hip hop, rockin, techno, funny, did he just say that? J2z, Baga, and Little Brother bring to us their EP "The Futhamuckas" and i will tell you if you are in the mood for a good time, and something definitely different from the radio and any other music, give it a listen. They say they are party boys and that is most definitely evident in there music with there heart racing,neck breaking,vibe certified beats, interestingly indescribable lyrics,and flare! Don't be fooled, they have swag...and its safe to say they have more than some. Take a listen and go buy the album..that is if they were selling it. This EP is available free on http://thefuthamuckas.com/ so go take a listen and tell them and i what you think!! I know that ive only been listening for a few minutes, but from the first listen, i am a fan.

Im no camera buff...

But this camera is certified DOPE. yeah yeah we all see the fresh looking cameras at Urban Outfitters...but this..this is a work of art. Beauty...held in the eye of the beholder like so.