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Friday, July 31, 2009

XV-Everybody's Nobody

So...with the sudden increase in hype with mixtapes...it seems like everybody and everybody's somebody has dropped a mixtape. I do not see a problem with this but i find myself sometimes deleting full mixtapes at a time. There have been a few that have stayed on my computer and stayed in constant rotation on my ipod. "Everybody's Nobody" by artist XV is definitely one of those. I have listened to the whole mixtape a few times now(freshly downloaded a few hours ago) and the constant feeling i get after listening is that "man...this isn't even an album in stores, I've PAID for worse quality music." I cant even really call it a mixtape anymore it is fair to say that this could defenitely be an album! Just when i started to think that rappers stopped caring about quality...

The journey opens up with "Everybody's Nobody" and i have to say it is a GREAT song. its one of those songs you can happily sing along to but still pay attention to the lyrics and actually get something out of it. Now with the rest of the mixtape, the hype and feeling does not stop, it never stops, and after listening to track 4, I'm thinking this whole mixtape has A.D.D! So then i Come Back Down to the sounds of "Mirrors Edge" and I'm still stunned at the lyrical quality not to mention the addicting beat. After that I'm Blinded by "Start A War(ft. Colin Munroe)" simply because the subject matter is one that many people have tackled but not in such a way as XV. Songs like "Live vs Livin(ft. Big Sean)" and "Gobstopper(ft. Wiz Khalifa)" balance out the mixtape with a fast paced vibe and swag filled verses, and Bad News is a wonderful to begin to round up the journey and keep you wanting more, and hopefully we will get more, In Due Time. Now Look, if you are thinking that this review is just a bunch of mess and I'm simply venting on how much i love the mixtape you are partially right, i do love this mixtape but these words i speak are everything but mess! This is only my opinion, and between Me and You, there is alot of hype going on nowadays but this is definitely one you can trust, that is...if you don't like wack verses or played out rhymes, if not then dont be afraid to jump down The Rabbit Hole with this one!

Download here:http://usershare.net/darxkvk2zwz1