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Thursday, July 23, 2009

U-N-I Land of the Kings

First and foremost the song is great with great lyrical quality not to mention the addicting beat, but to see this video makes me relieved that such a good song wasn't wasted on a typical hiphop video. U-N-I, a westside hip hop duo, made some noise with their earlier mixtape(Before there was love) and with their most recent, A Love Supreme. This song and video is a project they did in collaboration with Green Label Sounds and Mtv U, and is definitely not your typical rap video. No Gold bottles, stripper poles, Bars, Clubs or overly expensive cars found in this hiphop video! hmm..very interesting. Check out their website http://www.yothurz.com/ for more info on them.

"Welcome to the land of the free im feelin good today by the way how you?"