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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

SO what is hip-hop and "hiphop"(Unity or Separation)

I hear this all the time and even though I am a fan of ALL DOPE MUSIC, I wanted to get your opinion on this situation. So has hip-hop become totally separate beyond the means of genres and such categories or has it become a societal change within the hip-hop community? Is there UNITY? Or are there really different means of what hip-hop is?
Ya know what I think?

I think that I cant help but like that one song that I feel bad about liking because I know how truly stupid or irrelevant it is compared to the other dope music I listen to. BUT I have come to a conclusion that I am finally willing to accept. I love ALL music as long as it’s good TO ME. =) So next time you see me bumpin’ to some Soulja Boy or Drake and the next moment in a trance of deep thought thinking through the rhymes of Lupe Fiasco or MF Doom....remember, that good music is good music. What makes a certain song good may be different than what makes another song good. =) Just something to think about. Seriously? All my hip hoppers or just plain music lovers what do you think? Should Gucci Mane be allowed to say he is in the hip-hop genre? or should he be in that nook of southern rappers that automatically get the rep of having the club bangers and a lot of mixtapes? I think you get my drift here. Which is it? =) Unity or separation?