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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bryan J

So...as most know...im always on the hunt for new music. If its hiphop, rock, pop, it really doesnt matter to me, as long as i like it. I came upon an up and coming RnB artist, Bryan J, whos signed to Redzone Ent(Tricky Stewart), and i  have to say...i like him and his music. His Tricky Stewart("Umbrella", "Single Ladies" "So Good") produced single "Like I'm Obama" has gotten some buzz and well...it should. Its a banger and before you go undermining the music and thinking hes trying to get some hype off using Obama....just stop for a second. The record is about him wanting a girl to trust him, like most people trust Obama. So put the negativity away and listen! and you know you're going to wanna move ya feet and bop your head so just do it. They say everyday a star is born and if this is true, we have room for one more right? So help Bryan J to the top. =) Hes dope. Get it? Got it? Fresh. =)
 "You can trust me like im Obama, lil mama"...you gotta admit its a fun song lol