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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Back from my High Atus

BACK FROM MY HIGH ATUS...How fitting for my situation right(no pun intended)? lol. anyway..
Lets keep with the real hiphop today shall we? I have another rapper for you to check out and if you checked out Versis(in the post before) once again you will not be dissapointed...that is...if you like good music. Jay Diction. I would just leave you with that name but lets go further. His latest mixtape/album "Back from My High Atus" is perfect for the car, ipod, well its safe to say wherever and whenever.With a fitting old school vibe with songs like "Light it Up" and  and reference to the present with his lyrics over "Stay Up" a cut by 88 Keys, this album is pretty versatile. Bottomline is if you were to mix simplicity and skill, roll it up with dopeness and light it with the flames of hiphop, you would have Jay Diction "Back from My High Atus." These Days, its hard to find something like this so please dont sleep, just go download it...now. Theres only One Way to Go for this rapper and thats UP, literally. So Stay up, Keep on, and...go download it...now. Get it? Got it? Fresh. =)

For more info:
Download mixtape here: